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Warranty & Returns Policy

Warranty & Returns Policy for ThePiShop.com.au and ebay user the_pi_guy

We offer a 30 day replacement on faulty products. The Raspberry Pi 3 and Official Power Supply come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty and SanDisk Micro SD card with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. The controllers, case and controllers are a general 3 months.

Please note we are not responsible for any software or hardware issues that arise from tinkering with your Pi. This is a hobbyists device and you are responsible for any problems that occur from:

 a) changing settings & updating the software/firmware; or
 b) removing the sd card; or
 c) overclocking the CPU, Graphics or Memory; or
 d) adding games/applications


Although all items sold carry the regular manufacturer's warranty, should any of the below occur we are not liable and can not offer any returns:

  1. Remove the SD card - Which you have cracked, corrupted or done damage to, a claim is not supported

  2. SD card port - Damage to the port on the Raspberry Pi board, a claim is not supported

  3. Incorrect handling of the power supply port - Should the power supply port be damaged from excessive incorrect use of plugging in the power supply, a claim is not supported

  4. Incorrect handling of the HDMI port - Should the HDMI port be damaged from excessive incorrect use of plugging in the HDMI cable, a claim is not supported
  5. Incorrect handling of the USB ports - Should any of the USB ports be damaged from excessive incorrect use, a claim is not supported

  6. Use of non-genuine power supply - We only recommend the use of the genuine Raspberry Pi power supply which has been provided. Any misuse of the system with any other non-genuine power adapter, a claim is not supported


All of our items are shipped as 100% Quality Assured and Quality Tested under the strictest guidelines. No Pi is shipped without  a pick sheet and is personally packed from our qualified IT specialist. If you should feel that when you have received your item that it is faulty or defective contact must be made within 14 days from the delivery date of the item(s).

If you wish to return your Pi system because of usability issues, we aren't liable for previous selling fees as the system is sold as a hobbiests device and our disclaimer says you must do your research first. Due to this there will be a 10% restocking fee.

Upon the return of an item, if it is deemed not faulty, has been damaged or is missing parts, the cost of the new item(s) and/or postage must be paid in full before the item(s) are returned to the buyer.

Returns can be sent to our Brisbane office at the buyer's cost. The buyer must supply tracking details as we are not liable for any missing returns. No replacement items(s) are dispatched until the return is received in full by The Pi Shop.