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I'm not getting any picture on my TV

Please check the following in this sequence:
1) Ensure your TV is on correct input
2) Try a different HDMI cable just in case the supplied one is faulty
3) Try re-inserting the SD card (*warning* you must push it in first to unlock it, then pull it out)
4) Try a different power supply (any Android phone charger with a micro usb connection will work)
5) Try a different power point just in case there is an issue with the connection and/or powerboard
How do I change the default emulator in RetroPie?

1) Press O to open a game then as it goes to the black screen with a grey box in the middle, press O button a couple of times
2) It will then bring up a blue DOS type screen.
3) Select the first option which is default emulator for rom and hit Triangle (To select/enter in this mode you need to use the Triangle button on the controller).
4) Then choose an alternative emulator and hit Triangle
5) Then back on the main screen go down to Launch and hit Triangle again.
6) The default emulator is now changed

The above instructions apply to PS3 style controllers. If you're using a SNES USB controller, O = A, and Triangle = X


How do I sync the 8bitdo controllers to Retropie?

  • To turn ON your controllers, wait for Emulation Station to fully load then hold START + R1 til you see the LED’s on your controllers flash. This will enable them to sync correctly to the Pi
  • To turn OFF you controllers, hold START for 3 seconds

You can also watch our video on how to sync here - www.thepishop.com.au/sync8bitdo