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RetroPie FAQ & Disclaimer

For more information please check out our Support Center


  • The device works the same way as any emulator system except it has an easy to use GUI. Although this is a beginners item, a general knowledge of computers is required in order to download and copy games via your network. I have provided a sheet of tips & tricks for you.
  • If you don't have experience with emulators please do your research first
  • All Pi's are tested and working before they are posted
  • We are only selling the hardware, not the software. The software is pre-installed however it is freeware and we don't support it. For support please go to The RetroPie Project
  • If you need to configure other controllers such as N64, please go to the RetroPie Project forums for guide and assistance
  • We don't include or sell any illegal roms with this device so don't ask!! Emulators however are pre-installed because they are completely legal in Australia.



  • To exit a game press the START and SELECT buttons on the controller at the same time
  • To control the ported games such as Doom and Duke3D you must use a USB keyboard
  • To Insert Coin in MAME and NeoGeo games press the SELECT button


How do I copy games?

USB Method

  1. Plug your blank USB flash drive into your Pi (which is turned on). Folders will then be created on your USB drive
  2. Take the USB flash drive out of your Pi and plug it into your PC or Mac. You can then copy your games across to the specific folders
  3. Once done, plug the USB flash drive back into your RetroPie's USB port
  4. RetroPie will then automatically copy all the files on your USB flash drive to the internal SD card on your Pi
  5. Done

Network Method

Once you have your game, simply access the RetroPie's storage share over your Windows network (browse Windows Network under My Computer and your device will appear), then simply copy and paste the game into the appropriate folder

For instructions and other methods of copying games to the Pi please click here


Game Save Feature

You can save and load saved games by using the SELECT key as the Hotkey, then press R2 Shoulder to write to Save State, and L2 Shoulder to Load Save State, or Start to exit emulator. (For SNES USB controllers it's L1 and L2 shoulder buttons)


My wireless PS3 controllers are dropping out - Help!

Because these controllers use the RF 2.4Ghz frequency, it is possible that you may receive interference from wifi routers that also transmit a 2.4Ghz frequency. This was a widely talked about issue on the Xbox 360 console.

Although uncommon, it can happen and you will know when your controller drops out for a split second when playing games. You can remedy this by changing bands on your router or putting some distance between the two devices.